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18 Jun 2012

Charleston Home + Design Spring 2012 Feature

Fire Pit

Fire pits are gaining popularity this spring. Brick fire pits, like this one, offer the perfect venue to relax on a cozy, cool spring evening.

Tree Lighting

With a beautiful, warm glow, these hanging lights turn the trees into outdoor chandeliers, transforming a typical backyard into a picturesque setting for outdoor events.

Native Plants

When it comes to landscaping trends, native plants are on the rise—especially in unique environments such as the Lowcountry. They provide a sense of place, low maintenance, and great wildlife habitats for the garden.

Privacy Wall

For a fresh take on garden walls, use plants as the wall. Lining up the right bushes or trees can create a sturdy, beautiful privacy structure.



18 Jun 2012

Charleston Landscape: Building yards and relationships

From The Daniel Island News | By Prisha Verrier

Large, stone ovens and oversized fireplaces are especially popular at this time of year, providing a camp-fire warmth in the comfort of your own backyard.

There are many things about Daniel Island that make life here so sweet. From the mail carriers who know you by name, to the numerous parks and family events put together by the local community, the island is a beautiful place to call home. A lot of this beauty also comes from the pride that people have in their homes, and the obvious care put into their lush and vibrant yards – much of this greenery is thanks to Chris Reese.

With his sandy-colored hair and broad smile, Chris is a true South Carolinian. Born in Columbia and raised in Greenville, this native of the Palmetto State decided to make Daniel Island his home in 2005. Chris had already been running his own landscaping business for 28 years, and when he and his wife and young son moved to the island, he renamed the company Charleston Landscape.

Lawn care, and plant life in general, are traditions in the Reese family. Chris’s father was a florist for 40 years; his older brother has also run a landscaping business for 40 years; and another brother works in plant and flower wholesales in Columbia.

“As a Daniel Island resident,” Chris explains, “it just made sense to [base the company] here. We love to work in the community where we live.”

Charleston Landscape specializes in full-service, high-end lawn care and maintenance, and has built strong relationships with the local builders of custom island homes. Chris’s team is well-staffed with experts in areas ranging from irrigation inspection, fertilization and pruning, to more technical fields such as hardscape, landscape and outdoor living spaces.

“Any outside need can be met,” says Chris.

While many people enjoy working in their yard, the spring and summer months tend to bring an all too familiar scene: your neighbors have come home from a trip to Lowe’s, their car loaded with potting soil, garden boxes and paver stones, their hearts filled with every intent to spruce up the yard. Simple enough in theory, a good yard renovation can end up being quite a lot of work, and more often than not people find themselves asking, “Where do I go from here?”

The professionals at Charleston Landscape are here to answer that question.

All of their work is done in-house, helping to ensure that the same team of landscape architects sees your project through from the very beginning to final completion. The best success for any project begins with the layout of a start-to-finish plan.

“It’s always good to consult and have a plan before you start anything,” Chris explains. “That’s where experience comes in.”

With cooler weather approaching, Chris and his team have noticed a rising interest in outdoor living spaces, which happen to be a company specialty. Everything from dining areas and reading nooks, to fully functioning kitchens can be designed and custom-built to fit your every need or elaborate desire. Large, stone ovens and oversized fireplaces are especially popular at this time of year, providing a camp-fire warmth in the comfort of your own backyard.

“I work for the happiness of the customer. We want you to have the best value you can have in your yard,” Chris says, adding that one of his favorite things about working in the island community where he lives is something he likes to call the Grocery Store Check.

“When I can walk into that grocery store, and every time I see a customer waving at me, that’s what [I work for],” Chris says.

“Because we’re not just building backyards here. We’re building relationships.”

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